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satisfied customers have to say!

“The OBBs are softer than the foam slip-on grips. This helps with road vibrations”. (Ir, Loveland Colorado)

“I love these grips! I couldn't wait for the group buy and ordered them last week. Easy install and the glue is not so strong that you can't move them around if you didn't place them in the right spot the first time.” (HKT, AZ)

“I like mine. They're easy to install, look good, feel good and work well with the heated grips function turned on. Very reasonably priced too.” (OL, K-1600 Forum)

“Well worth the investment!” (EPS, Laguna Hills California)

“Fast efficient service, great product, great price. They just plain work! Even felt the heat coming through. Recommend for the F800GS skinny grip problem.” (GBX, Atlanta Georgia)

“Used mine on my bike a week ago riding home when it was 41F. Grips felt much better than stock or the Grip Puppies that the OBBs replaced. Plus, the grip heat was much easier to feel at lower settings with the OBBs than the Grip Puppies . Glad I changed.Thanks for a great product!(Chg, Northern Minnesota)

“Love mine. An inexpensive mod that looks great, feels great, and performs great.” (Chad, O'Fallan Missouri)

“Easy to install, and they certainly cure the skinny grip problem without interfering with the heated grips.” (Lkt, Annapolis Md)

“Between installing on my F8GS and the wife's Honda 250, I think I invested 3 minutes of time. Perfect fit on both. Great work Dave!” (C-man, Advrider Forum)

“Installation was easy. The instructions give some good tips on placement of the OGB seam. I repositioned the OGB's a couple of times and  the adhesive maintained its stickiness. They feel much better than the Grip Puppies . Consider me a happy customer!”  (Csy, Frankfort Ky)

“One of the best $20.00 I've spent on the GS. Highly recommended!(Rb, Arma Kansas)

 “Dave set me up with a set prior to my excursion last weekend. Logged a bit over 3000 miles and they are GOOD! My riding buddies liked them too so I picked up 2 more sets for them today. Thanks Dave. I appreciate the quick ship and the solid product” (Dl, Indiana)

 Handling when installed is great. It took me about a mile of riding to get used to the slightly softer grip and the (minimally) different distance to the levers (weird what your muscles notice). I don't see any slipping or sliding and the seam and sticky tapes hold up nicely. Heated grips still work just fine, I don't think that I can really tell a difference without getting out a thermometer.I really like the added thickness and it almost feels like there is less vibration, too.
In any case, I am very satisfied with the BeemerBuddies and can recommend them to anyone who is irritated by those rather skinny BMW grips.
Thanks Dave for this awesome product!
(TXA, ADVrider forum)

“Got mine yesterday. . . . put them on tonight. About a 3 minute procedure, with a perfect fit. Exactly as described”. (Ddc, Virginia)

“Put mine on yesterday in just a couple of minutes. I really, really like them. Nice and kushy but not too much. Thank you sir”. (Eddy, Durango)

“I installed the Beemer Buddies this morning and I have to say they feel great. Thanks for the quick service and I will be spreading the word”. (Jim, California)

“I put the Beemer Buddies on my F650GS last night - could not have been easier and they are night and day vs the old setup. Dampens the vibration from the bar and fills a lot more of my hands so it's less fatiguing to ride. Thanks a lot”. (Michael, New York)

“Thanks for the grips. They are great!! My hands feel much more comfortable now. Before, they got tired going around the thin grip. The grip pads make it a lot eaiser.” (Truth, Maryland)

“Grip Buddies are more comfortable than the skinny factory jobs. The increased girth makes me feel as though I have better leverage. Supposed to be much grippier when wet, although I haven't been caught in the rain with them...perfect riding weather in N. FL. these days It's easier to hold on requiring less pressure...not that big of a deal around town, but significant on long runs. Considering the cost of most k16 accessories these grips are a bargain!” (Trm, Florida)


“I've always used Grip Puppies, but I think the OBBs are going work out much better. The puppies have a good feel to them, but they tend to "wander" around on the original grip. They also degrade over time and need to be replaced. The OBBs are held solidly in place with a velcro strip that's affixed to the original grip with adhesive. They are made out of high quality neoprene and IMHO they should last much longer. They also have a slightly "firmer" feel to them. They just feel better!! I've only got 30 miles with the OBBs, but I like them and consider them a higher quality alternative to the Puppies”. (Gbh, Clifton Park New York)


“The more I ride with the OBB's the happier I am with them. They are softer then some of the other products but are more comfortable and less tiring on longer rides”.(Ir, Lovekland Colorado)

Really love them! Thanks for the good service”. (Marcj, K1600 Forum)


"After trying them for 200 miles, Dave, they were really awesome. They made a huge difference in the wrist pain I usually get from a long ride. With these, the pain is almost entirely gone. Thanks for a job well done!"  (Joe S., Upstate New York)

We have already been bragging them up. They were fantastic and made a huge difference right away.” (Cindy and Larry, Ontario Canada)


"Just wanted to post up again about my BeemerBuddies. Went for a ride yesterday, as the weather was awesome as most of the Midwest is right now, and with the heat on low was amazed at how well the heat transfer's to your hands. The extra thickness was a delight on the gravel roads while standing as I didn't have to have a "death grip" on the bars because of my worn out stock grips.
Stopped by the dealership where I work and several of the guys wanted to sit on my new to me 2002 R1150GS and as they did everyone commented about the Beemer Buddies! "Wow, nice, I like the extra grip, they waterproof? nice, they make them for other bikes?" were all typical questions and comments. I'm really lovin my GS and thanks to Dave enjoying it even more.Thanks again for a quality product".

(Mtb, South Indiana)